About us

Suheng (SUGO) – the professional material supplier for conductive & anti-static plastic materials.

SUGO is a leading material supplier of ESD, conductive and anti-static plastics compound in China. We provide a complete range of ESD plastic raw material well known for our superb quality and price. SUGO has a passion for developing a full range of ESD plastics raw material on a high quality level. Since 2000, we’ve specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of modified engineering plastics. And our name is CNTPE (SUHENG) at that time. Now, the company CNTPE is still exist and in 2012, we set up SUGO. SUGO means inspire, creative new plastics raw material all over the world to be with respect for future and environment. For over the more than ten years, we are one of the leading manufacturers creating ESD material that bring reliable and flexible solutions.

Static electricity is a natural phenomenon, when you touching a metal doorknob or you dressing in the winter, static accurs. Come back to the industry, one that can lead to disaster if left to build up on fuel pump hoses, polyethylene bags, or tools used in confined spaces, such as mines or tunnels. One spark can be devastating. SUGO’s full range of ESD compounds greatly reduces the risk. Our modified materials are widely used in the injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding of plastic products, with applications like electronics, automobiles and commodity packaging, meeting many requirements in the industry. We have experienced completing an OEM/ODM project within the schedule and meet customers’ ESD material requirements. We believe that being a leader of innovative ESD technology means we are able to integrate the latest technology into our materials which are the key to be successful for SUHENG(SUGO) company as well as for the customers.

New material bring you new market. By focusing on customer requirements and customer-oriented innovation, SUGO not only produces high quality and customized ESD materials but also offers strong technical support and services. With the high-quality materials, expert technical assistance and reliable delivery we are never stop to making the great efforts to achieve this multi-win situation.